Thousands of Hondurans Might Not Make TPS

Thousands of Hondurans living legally in the United States under the Temporary Status Protection Program are at risk of losing their status by failing to re-register for an extension granted by the US government.

Official records put the number of Hondurans wthat qualify under this program at 70,000, but up until yesterday only 50,000 had filed their paperwork.

Hondurans living abroad are responsible in large part of the Honduran economy’s growth by sending a large part of their earning to family in Honduras.


Private Business Leaders To Discuss Minimum Wage

Honduras’ most prominent business leaders will meet today in San Pedro Sula to discuss the minimum wage increase that has been autohorized by the government of Honduras. The minimum wage has moved from Lps. 3,700 to Lps. 5,500, an increase which according to some private business owners will bring a wave of job losses across the board.

Analyst have said that the huge increase in the minimum wage will:

1. Put Honduras in an uncompetitive position when compared to other Central American countries with lower minimum wages and more qualified workers.
2. Increase inflation as many businesses will increase prices to try to offset their workforce costs.
3. Job losses to try to offset their workforce cost.


Farmers Angry ALBA Delayed

Honduran farmers have expressed their disenchantment with government authorities due to the fact that they have not seen any of the many benefits promised to them which would come from the signing of the ALBA treaty with Venezuelas’ Hugo Chavez.

The most talked about benefits are US$30 million to finance farming and 100 tractors for use in the fields.


Pepe Lobo Declared Winner

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal declared Porfirio Lobo (Pepe Lobo) the official winner of the National Party (Partido Nacional) internal elections celebrated last November 30th in Honduras.

The official results of the elections in the governing Liberal Party will be made later this week.

All of the results have been delayed due to lack of staff at the Tribunal.