TPS Special Extension Ends March 31

The special extension granted by the INS for those Hondurans living in the United States under the TPS plan, that could not meet the December deadline due to sickness, hospitalization or other emergency reasons, can register up until March 31st.

A special form has to be filled, a certified reason why the deadline was not met and a payment of $420.


Cell Phone Operators to Invest $300 million in 2009

The three private cell phone operators in Honduras (Tigo, Claro and Digicel) will invest more than $300 million in 2009 as they expand their coverage and invest in new technology.

Competition in 2009 will be fierce with the entry of Digicel which will force aggressive pricing, new and attractive promotions as well as new services.

Conatel estimates cell phone users have expanded to 5.8 million users since the first cell phone company was authorized to operate in 1996.


Soccer: Honduras Defeats Chile 2:0

The Honduran national team defeated its Chilean counterpart in a friendly game played today in Lockhart stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The game was played in a stadium filled to near capacity by honduran and chilean followers. The game more than a friendly, seemed a world cup qualifier. Both teams played hard to win.

Goals were scored by Carlos Pavon and Amado Guevara (penalty).


Soccer: Honduras vs Chile Today

The Honduran soccer team will play a friendly match against the Chile national soccer team. The game will be held today at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This friendly match is in preparation of the games Honduras will face in the UNCAF cup later this month, and the first game against Costa Rica on February on the road to the world cup 2010.

The Chilean team does not have a clear idea of how the Honduran team plays. Honduras will play without its players in countries like Italy and England.


Fuel Prices to Increase As Oil Drops Worldwide

As world oil prices continue to drop, fuel prices in Honduras will increase for the second week in a row next Monday Jan 19.

The CAP (Petroleum Administration Committee) announced today that prices for all fuels will increase. Regular and Premium gasoline will increase by 99 cents each, diesel will increase by 57 cents, kerosene 80 cents and LPG Lps. 4.88.

This new price increase is being met with skepticism by the population in general as there is no reason for the increase.


Coup Drums Rolling According to Ex Congress President

Rafael Pineda Ponce, ex president of the Honduran Congress made the explosive remarks on Thursday. The current situation in the country, in which society is being polarized between have and have nots, and which is being fueled by the current president Manuel Zelaya Rosales, is really a smoke screen for the presidents plans to try to destabilize Honduran democracy.

Pineda Ponce stated, “Nobody wants to live within the law, within the Constitution. Since a couple of months back, there has been a serious movement that is hard at work trying to destabilize and delegitimate different Honduran institutions, trying to break order and incite chaos and create a void that could only be filled by breaking the current government system.”

He goes on to say,” Manuel Zelaya Rosales is following the footsteps of Hugo Chavez and is trying to emulate him to remain in power.”


20% Increase in Tourism in 2008

Tourism increased by 20% during 2008 according to the Honduran tourism minister Ricardo Martinez.

Citizens of the United States and Europe visited Honduras for tourism reasons, while more than 60% of visitors coming from other central american nations came on business.

Tourist spent more than $620 million during their 2008 trips in Honduras. This money was used in hotel accommodations, transportation, food, tips and other services.


Tourism Industry Will Maintain Investment Levels

Even though there is an international financial crisis, the tourism industry in Honduras is confident that tourism will increase in 2009. In order to be able to sustain this growth in 2009, more than $600 million will be invested in hotels, convention centers and other infrastructure in la Ceiba, Copan, Roatan, Tela, San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa

Other important investments are being conducted by Carnival cruise lines which plans to open their new seaport in Roatan in 2009.


US & Honduras Sign Agreement

The United States and Honduras signed a cooperation agreement in the area of security. The agreement is called Plan Merida and the objective is to reduce gang activity, impede drugs, arms and people trafficking between the countries of Central America and the United States.

Honduras will receive a first disembursment of Lps 70 million which will be used to prepare the different branches of government involved in security.