The Countdown Towards an Ilegal Vote Nearing End

The countdown toward Sunday’s illegal vote regarding the citizens of Honduras opinion about drafting a new constitution is in its final phase.

Today thousands of people gathered on the streets of San Pedro Sula to peacefully march and show the world the people are united against the idea of drafting a new constitution meanwhile Manuel Zelaya Rosales remains president of Honduras for an undetermined amount of time.

As a means to pressure people into agreeing with Sundays vote, the sick and elderly who attend public hospitals in seek of emergency help, are forced to sign a document which says they are in favor of this vote. If they say they are against it, they are denied medical attention.

Another march is expected tomorrow in front of the OEA (American States Organization) asking them not to participate with observers in this illegal vote. The vote has been declared illegal by the Supreme Court, one of the three powers of government.

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Aid Finally Released for Earthquake Victims

It took more than 20 days for the Honduran government headed by Manuel Zelaya (Mel Zelaya) to declare and emergency due to the damages caused by the 7.3 earthquake that affected the northern part of Honduras on May 28.

Damages have been officialy estimated at 1,800 million lempiras. The damage includes government buildings, schools, road infrastructure, levies and family homes.

Rebuilding will be executed using cooperation, ALBA and government funds.

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Honduras Meets El Salvador in Honduras

After falling 2-1 at Soldier Field against the stars and stripes team (USA), Honduras is in need of a win in order to mantain the possibility of finishing in the top three positions that qualify directly to the World Cup to be hel in South Africa in 2010.

 The game will be held in San Pedro Sula, Honduras were a sellout is expected.

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Honduras Ready to Face Off USA in Chicago

The Honduran national soccer team has arrived in Chicago and is making their final preparations to face off against the United States in this World Cup Qualifier match.

Honduras will face off an angry and thirsty for revenge USA team that lost in Costa Rica 3-1 on Wednesday.

The game will be held in Soldier Field on Saturday June 9th.

Reinaldo Rueda, the honduran team coach has stated that he has defined the team that will be on the pitch on Saturday.

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OEA Summit Opens in Honduras

The OEA Summit which is being held in San Pedro Sula, Honduras began with a speech by its current president José Miguel Insulza. A seven point agenda is being suggested that excludes talks regarding the return of CUBA into the organization.

The points to be discussed include economic crisis, energy, immigration, security and democratic governship in the member states.

The main attraction of this summit has been the presence of Secretary of State (USA) Hillary Clinton. She will meet with president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya and the future candidates from the largest political parties in Honduras.

President of Honduras Mel Zelaya used the opportunity to confirm he is not backing out of holding the survey programmed for June 28 even after it has been declared illegal by the honduran court system as its sole purpose is to dissolve the current Constitution.

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Heavy Damages After 7.3 Honduras Earthquake

During the first hours of Thursday morning and just a  few hours after the strongest earthquake in history to affect Honduras, reports began flowing stating that there was little damage and that it was a miracle that the country was not greatly affected.

After 3 days have passed it has become evident that those assumptions were wrong. The country has suffered losses in the billions of lempiras. Some of the damaged infrastructure includes: Puerto Cortes docking ports and container loading cranes, damages at San Pedro Sula airport, damages to refineries, gas storage facilities in Omoa, damages to paved road network, damages to private buildings and public buildings as well as many homes around the country.

During the next few hours new reports will officially surface. The Honduran government is trying to downplay the effects of the earthquake in order to continue with their efforts to hold a “public survey” on June 30th with the purpose of remaining in government and break democracy.

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New Tourism Office to Open in Tegucigalpa

A new tourism office will open April 3rd in Tegucigalpa. The office will be located in Tegucigalpa’s Central Park Plaza.

This office will offer guide services, maps of Tegucigalpa’s historic center as well as other travel related information.

The office will promote cultural activities that might be taking place during the days travelers are visiting Tegucigalpa.

(Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras.)

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$800 Million expected during Easter Vacation

Honduras tourism is expected to generate $800 during the 2009 Easter vacation. Holy Week is a popular time for Central Americans to vacation and many make Honduras their destination. Also most Hondurans travel inside the country. Some of the popular vacation spots are Tela, Bay Islands, San Pedro Sula, Trujillo, Copan, Choluteca and Tegucigalpa.

Most hotels have filled their reservations for Easter.

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Hotel Villas Telamar Increases Capacity

Hotel Villas Telamar inaugurated a new wing of buildings on their resort located in Tela, Honduras. The hotel increased its capacity with 96 new rooms.

Hotel Villas Telamar offers their guest a relaxing family atmosphere and offers their guests many activities to make their stays at the resort enjoyable. The resort offers two large pools (one with swim up bar), jacuzzi, 9 hole golf course and a huge white sand beach.

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Corruption Running Rampant in Honduras Under Mel Zelaya

Honduras has always been catalogued as a country affected by corruption, but during the past 3 years of president Manuel Zelaya in office, the corruption levels have exponentially increased.

It is not uncommon to open the daily newspapers and read about five or six new cases of corruption each day committed by public servants that range from the president himself, his advisors, ministers and low level public servants.

The Internet Center for Corruption Index has released the 2008 Corruption Perception Index in which Honduras ranks in position 126. in 2005 at the end of Ricardo Maduro’s government, Honduras ranked 107. That is the greatest downward loss ever experimented by Honduras.

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