Plane Shoot Down Law Goes in Effect in Honduras

Plane Intercept

Plane Intercept

After being published in “La Gaceta” today, the law that authorizes the shoot down of planes illegally flying into specially defined territories in Honduras, has gone into effect.

The law is meant to deter drug carrying flights which have Honduras as a transshipment location, transferring drugs being flown in from South America, to ships and trucks that will transport it into Mexico while heading for their ultimate destination in the United States were they are consumed.

This drug trafficking has caused an exponential increase in gang violence which has placed Honduras as one of the most dangerous places on the planet.

Honduran Air Force will now be able on perform interdiction on aircraft suspicious of carrying illegal drugs. A procedure for shoot down process is under revision, but the minister of Defense will have the final call on whether a shoot down may take place.

Honduras will be receiving in April, tow of three radars it purchased form Israel and which will be used to detect the narco aircraft. The United States used to provide the intelligence required to intercept the suspicious aircraft but that aid was suspended after Honduras used their right to down two aircraft in 2013.

Juan Orlando Hernandez, new president of Honduras stated he will do what must be done in order to reduce violence in Honduras. While the consumers up north enjoy their drugs, Hondurans sacrifice their lives.

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