Electricity Generator Agrees With New Terms

Planta Lufussa

Planta Lufussa

Juan Orlando Hernandez stated that he would not negotiate contract renewals with electricity generators in Honduras that have abused their position and charged exorbitant amounts of money for electricity. These charges are even made if the power plant is running or not.

The government threats have worked and Lufussa (Luz y Fuerza de San Lorenzo) is ready to sit at the negotiating table and agree with the new terms set forth by the president of Honduras. They have conceded and will accept the conditions in order to have the contract extended for one of their 30.5 megawatt plant which operates on bunker.

Meanwhile government authorities have begun purchasing energy from Guatemala and El Salvador at a cost of $0.19 per kilowatt.

Five contracts with electricity generators which operate on non-renewable fuels expired on February 25th and have not been extended.

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