The Countdown Towards an Ilegal Vote Nearing End

The countdown toward Sunday’s illegal vote regarding the citizens of Honduras opinion about drafting a new constitution is in its final phase.

Today thousands of people gathered on the streets of San Pedro Sula to peacefully march and show the world the people are united against the idea of drafting a new constitution meanwhile Manuel Zelaya Rosales remains president of Honduras for an undetermined amount of time.

As a means to pressure people into agreeing with Sundays vote, the sick and elderly who attend public hospitals in seek of emergency help, are forced to sign a document which says they are in favor of this vote. If they say they are against it, they are denied medical attention.

Another march is expected tomorrow in front of the OEA (American States Organization) asking them not to participate with observers in this illegal vote. The vote has been declared illegal by the Supreme Court, one of the three powers of government.

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