Ex President Zelaya Demonstrates His Recklessness to the World

In a reckless act that could have ended in tragedy, ex Honduran president Manuel Zelaya Rosales “Mel Zelaya”, attempted to cross the border between Honduras and Nicaragua. The ex president did not actually come into Honduras were he would have been arrested, but remained in a “neutral dead zone” between the borders of both countries as anyone who has made border crossings in Central America can confirm.

Not following the recommendations of OAS’ Miguel Insulza and the United States Head of the Department of State Hillary Clinton’s against going into Honduras by force and instead waiting for the results of negotiations in Costa Rica; ex President Manuel Zelaya showed the world how stubborn and hard headed he is and staged a false border crossing that could have flared a conflict.

That act reminds the Honduran community of many other he performed as president and when he finally ignored the position of Congress, the Supreme Court, the attorney General and the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and ended up violating the Constitution. He continued with his efforts to go with his illegal referendum (declared illegal by the Supreme Court) which placed him in the position he is today.

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