The Votes are In – Zelayas’ Illegal Referendum

The Attorney General’s office inspected the third floor of the building annex of the Presidential Palace and discovered evidence of fraud, abuse of power and corruption by misuse of government funds in order to hold the illegal referendum which led to Zelaya violating the constitution and his ouster from power. The locale was rented by Enrique Flores Lanza without authorization from the government.

The evidence found is a lot of computers which belonged to a scientific education program but had been removed in order to use them in the tally of votes in the illegal referendum. Found alongside the computers were completed vote tally sheets that showed about 80% of the vote in favor of Zelayas’ proposal.  This is being investigated as fraud as the vote never took place and results had already been fabricated.

The abuse of power charge stems from the use of the computers which were donated to be used in scientific education programs and the corruption charge from renting the locale the computers were in with governments funds not authorized for that purpose.

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