Mel Zelaya Lies Before the United Nations

The United Nations moving in a swift manner, gave Mel Zelaya the opportunity to present himself before them as a victim before sending members to verify what was going on in Honduras.

Lies Mel Told at UN:
1. Massacre going on (all is peace)
2. Teachers and nurses stopped working (hospitals are in normal operation, classes has been suspended)
3. Has thousands of supporters (has supporters who have been paid to act on his behalf)
4. His vote was just a survey (he published a decree one day before making it official) If it was just a survey he should have hired CID Gallup, or LeVote or any other survey agency.
5. His boxes (were already filled with votes in favor)
6. He is for democracy (how can he be for democracy when he has Castro on one side and Chavez on the other. That is like saying Saddam Hussein was for democracy and freedom).

Foto de El HeraldoThe country does not want Mel Zelaya back and have expressed their feelings. Today a march in the thousands congregated in Central Park to peacefully demonstrate against Mel Zelaya. (Foto tomada de El Heraldo

Manuel Zelaya was sworn in as President to uphold the Constitution and rule in favor of the people, in the last couple of months he began ruling for himself and his close circle of friends while getting closer to the left wing and radical Chavez. Besides this Manuel Zelaya committed the following which should be investigated:


1.       Rampant corruption

2.       Drug trafficking involving Venezuelan planes (more than 2-3 planes per day and at least 10 captured or destroyed in the last 40 days) which coincides with the massive economic support required for his illegal vote

3.       Forcing sick people going into hospitals to sign their approval for the vote in order to receive treatment

4.       Not presenting the Honduran budget for 2009 even though it was 6 months into the year (criminal offense)

5.       Attempting to change the Constitution which is prohibited and treated as treason in the same Constitution

International press is reporting via Internet, reading other sources and not by sending their own reporters and getting first hand information to confirm the general sentiment of the people against Mel Zelaya.

If the United States and the nations of the world allow this person who acted against democracy back, the future does not bode well for true freedom and democracy, not only in Latin America but the US as well.

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5 thoughts on “Mel Zelaya Lies Before the United Nations

  1. thank you for writing such an honest article, may your voice which is the Hondurans voice be heard throught the world!!

  2. It really great to find this when there’s a lote of ppl triying to open international eyes so They can See reality not lies, which is historia style (expresident). We are a united country, we will fight for our live stars country! Honduras rock!

  3. Thank you for explaining clearly and with less words what’s going on in our country please forward this link to [email protected], It’s amazing how all the media is handling this topic and calling Mel the victim. Hondurans we are tired of all what politics do to our population how can the decision of only one person affect a whole country. Now we just have to pray so this can have a smooth ending. HONDURAS PARA CRISTO!!!

  4. Thank you so much!! Finally, there’s someone who has clear idea of what Honduras is really going through. On behalf of the vast majority of hondurans I thank you and which that a lot more people are exposed to the contents of this article!

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