A New Beginning in Honduras After Mel Legally Removed

After the lawful removal of Manuel Zelaya Rosales, Honduras is at the doors of a new and promising future. Manuel Zelaya Rosales was removed from office under a court order issued by the Honduran Supreme Court and executed by civil authorities with support from the military.

A new president has been elected, Roberto Michelleti Bain, who is looking to unite all sectors of the country which had been separated and provoked by Manuel Zelaya. The new president elect has promised elections in November as planned and has nominated new ministers and promises to begin taking care of the problems that Honduras has been having in the past few months and had been ignored by Manuel Zelaya who was focused on his illegal vote.

Hospitals will be resupplied with medicines, people who lost their homes due to the earthquake will receive much need aid and the security issue will be addressed.

Meantime Manuel Zelaya is pressuring the international community to condemn the action under pretense he has the support of the people, which he does not as several surveys (www.cuartaurna.com, http://www.proceso.hn/, TV surveys conducted by Abriendo Brecha News) and the general sentiment of the people prove.

There is lot of activity on Facebook and other social networking sites expressing their happiness over the turn of events in Honduras.

Democracy and freedom have prevailed in this Central American nation.

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One thought on “A New Beginning in Honduras After Mel Legally Removed

  1. Sounds like things will improve in all manner of ways. It is great to see that the hospitals will get the supplies they so desperately need as well as aid for those who lost their homes or belongings etc in the earthquake.

    I have experienced loss during an earthquake, many years ago now, but I still remember all of it, the most distressing part the actual earthquake itself and not being able to control anything that is going on around you. Fortunately in my case the actual material loss was minimal but the emotional portion has stayed with me for over 20 years now.

    Great to see that Democracy and freedom have prevailed.

    Onwards and upwards.


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