Honduran President Detained and Expelled

This news is not yet confirmed.

The Presidential Press Secretary of Honduras announced on radio Mel Zelaya was arrested in the early hours of Sunday June 28 by the honduran military for violating the Honduran laws and Constitution.

Violating the Constitution is considered treason. The president of Hondura Manuel Zelaya violated the constitution for pretending to modify it. The Constitution states it is unmodifiable and any one attempting otherwise is considered a traitor.

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One thought on “Honduran President Detained and Expelled

  1. It was a lawful remove of a bad president who was turning Honduras in another Venezuela and the Honduran people do not want that …. was the best decision possible and 99% of people support it …….. …please DONT MAKE A MARTYR OF MANUEL ZELAYA HE IS JUST ANOTHER CORRUPT GUY WHO GOT WHAT HE DESERVE!!!

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