Honduras in Turmoil

Tonight, the president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya Rosales has separated the Commander of the Honduran Armed Forces General Romeo Vasquez Velasquez for not following his orders to participate in the illegal vote he has ordered to be held this Sunday. The chiefs of the Air Force, Army, and Navy have resigned as they also oppose the illegal order. The Minister of defense presented his resignation as a sign he is not in agreement with the proposed illegal vote.

It is reported Hugo Llorens, ambassador of the United States in Honduras has left the country for security reasons.

The illegal vote is Mel Zelaya’s way to stay in power indefinitely and is following in Hugo Chaves’ footsteps.

Many Hondurans are using social networking sites such as facebook to inform of what is happening in the Central American nation.

Recent protests against Mel Zelaya have sparked violence in the streets.

In surveys conducted on TV and on the internet, the results are similar, 80% are against Mel Zelayas illegal vote and intent of continuing in power against 20% who are in favor. (www.cuartaurna.com)

Reports are the army is mobilizing and a coup is imminent.

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One thought on “Honduras in Turmoil

  1. It was a lawful remove of a bad president who was turning Honduras in another Venezuela and the Honduran people do not want that …. was the best decision possible and 99% of people support it …….. …please DONT MAKE A MARTYR OF MANUEL ZELAYA HE IS JUST ANOTHER CORRUPT GUY WHO GOT WHAT HE DESERVE!!!

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