Heavy Damages After 7.3 Honduras Earthquake

During the first hours of Thursday morning and just a  few hours after the strongest earthquake in history to affect Honduras, reports began flowing stating that there was little damage and that it was a miracle that the country was not greatly affected.

After 3 days have passed it has become evident that those assumptions were wrong. The country has suffered losses in the billions of lempiras. Some of the damaged infrastructure includes: Puerto Cortes docking ports and container loading cranes, damages at San Pedro Sula airport, damages to refineries, gas storage facilities in Omoa, damages to paved road network, damages to private buildings and public buildings as well as many homes around the country.

During the next few hours new reports will officially surface. The Honduran government is trying to downplay the effects of the earthquake in order to continue with their efforts to hold a “public survey” on June 30th with the purpose of remaining in government and break democracy.

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