New Attorney General Election Gaining Front Page News

The election of of the attorney general in Honduras is beginning to gain front page news. Just like in the election of the new Supreme Court, the government lead by Mel Zelaya is trying to impose Marlina Dubon, wife of minister Enrique Flores Lanza to be attorney General.

They failed to have her included as one of the justices in the Supreme Court and are now pressing for her to be named as Attorney General. The idea behind this is to help protect them in the future in case they are investigated for the many acts of corruption in which the current government has been involved.

Today congressman Wenceslao Lara denounced on national TV that Enrique Flores Lanza did threathen to dissolve congress in an effective coup. The US ambassador in Honduras was a witness of this threat as he was in a meeting held with Mel Zelaya and other government officials. 

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