New Supreme Court Finally Elected Amidst Tension

Las night, the Honduran Congress finally elected the new 15 justices that will conform the Supreme Court.

Current law states that a Nominating Committee will evaluate all candidates in public forums. This process is to guarantee the nominees meet moral and knowledge standards. Any nominees that have performed questionable acts in their past (corruption in any form, family abuse, etc) will not be selected.

There was tension during the weekend as Mel Zelaya and some of his ministers like Aristides Mejia pressured to have one of the current justices reelected and threatened to break Constitutional order (coup). Civilian society had been on watch and said they would not accept a presidential imposition.

Congress finally made their selection from the 45 nominees selected by the Nominating Committee.

In the end Roberto Michelleti Bain, in a statement that goes against the public requests for transparency, said the process should not be held in public and that past actions of the nominees should not be evaluated. 

 The new justices are:

1.-Jorge Alberto Rivera Avilés
2.-José Tomás Arita Valle
3-Rosalinda Cruz Sequeira
4-Raúl Enrique Interiano
5-Víctor Manuel Martínez Silva
6-Jorge Reyes Díaz
7-Rosa de Lourdes Paz
8.- José Francisco Ruiz Gaekel
9.- Oscar Fernando Chinchilla
10-José Antonio Gutiérrez navas
11-Jacobo Cálix Hernández
12- Carlos David Cálix Vallecillo
13.-Marco Vinicio Zúniga Medrano
14.-Gustavo Enrique Palma Bustillo
15-Edith María López Rivera  

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