Under Threats of Coup, Congress To Elect New Supreme Court Justices

The Honduran congress is scheduled to elect new Supreme Court justices today. Under pressure from civil organizations not to re elect any of the current justices congress will decide who will be the new justices. The new justices have to be chosen from a list prepared by a nominating board as stated by law.

Late on Saturday, minister of defense Aristides Mejia made a threatening remark directed at congress, reminding them the government controls the Armed Forces and could use force. The president is pressuring Congress to re elect Marlina Dubon, wife of Enrique Flores Lanza Presidency Minister. Marlina Dubon is not on the list and therefore cannot be considered for re election.

It remains to be seen if the Honduran Constitution will be upheld or violated as it has been several times by the current government.

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