Coup Drums Rolling According to Ex Congress President

Rafael Pineda Ponce, ex president of the Honduran Congress made the explosive remarks on Thursday. The current situation in the country, in which society is being polarized between have and have nots, and which is being fueled by the current president Manuel Zelaya Rosales, is really a smoke screen for the presidents plans to try to destabilize Honduran democracy.

Pineda Ponce stated, “Nobody wants to live within the law, within the Constitution. Since a couple of months back, there has been a serious movement that is hard at work trying to destabilize and delegitimate different Honduran institutions, trying to break order and incite chaos and create a void that could only be filled by breaking the current government system.”

He goes on to say,” Manuel Zelaya Rosales is following the footsteps of Hugo Chavez and is trying to emulate him to remain in power.”

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