Honduras Defeats Venezuela 2-1

Honduras says goodbye to its noble and enthusiastic fans defeating Venezuela 2-1 in a game played in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in a warm night.

The game began with the local team making quick passes that ended in an early 6 minute goal by Jeery Bengston. Venezuela tied the game on the 20th minute and finally Jeery Palacios knocked in the final and winning goal.

The national squad will travel to the United States were they will face Turkey, Israel and England in preparation for their third World Cup appearance. Honduras will open against France who beat Holland earlier today.

Go Honduras!

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Plane Shoot Down Law Goes in Effect in Honduras

Plane Intercept

Plane Intercept

After being published in “La Gaceta” today, the law that authorizes the shoot down of planes illegally flying into specially defined territories in Honduras, has gone into effect.

The law is meant to deter drug carrying flights which have Honduras as a transshipment location, transferring drugs being flown in from South America, to ships and trucks that will transport it into Mexico while heading for their ultimate destination in the United States were they are consumed.

This drug trafficking has caused an exponential increase in gang violence which has placed Honduras as one of the most dangerous places on the planet.

Honduran Air Force will now be able on perform interdiction on aircraft suspicious of carrying illegal drugs. A procedure for shoot down process is under revision, but the minister of Defense will have the final call on whether a shoot down may take place.

Honduras will be receiving in April, tow of three radars it purchased form Israel and which will be used to detect the narco aircraft. The United States used to provide the intelligence required to intercept the suspicious aircraft but that aid was suspended after Honduras used their right to down two aircraft in 2013.

Juan Orlando Hernandez, new president of Honduras stated he will do what must be done in order to reduce violence in Honduras. While the consumers up north enjoy their drugs, Hondurans sacrifice their lives.

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Electricity Generator Agrees With New Terms

Planta Lufussa

Planta Lufussa

Juan Orlando Hernandez stated that he would not negotiate contract renewals with electricity generators in Honduras that have abused their position and charged exorbitant amounts of money for electricity. These charges are even made if the power plant is running or not.

The government threats have worked and Lufussa (Luz y Fuerza de San Lorenzo) is ready to sit at the negotiating table and agree with the new terms set forth by the president of Honduras. They have conceded and will accept the conditions in order to have the contract extended for one of their 30.5 megawatt plant which operates on bunker.

Meanwhile government authorities have begun purchasing energy from Guatemala and El Salvador at a cost of $0.19 per kilowatt.

Five contracts with electricity generators which operate on non-renewable fuels expired on February 25th and have not been extended.

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Modern University Campus in Honduras

UnitecCampusUniversidad Tecnologica de Centroamerica, also known as UNITEC, inagurated their modern campus in the northern city of San Pedro Sula Honduras. The new campus is located within Altia Business Park, a premier first and only intelligent business complex in Honduras. The cost of the new complex is $25 million dollars and will be able to host 7,000 students and 12,000 if expanded.

Students will be able to enroll in bachelor, engineering and MBA courses in order to obtain their respective degrees.

This is the first phase of other to come which will include the construction of two new buildings which will house The Health & Science Department as well as new classrooms for other courses.

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Polache Takes The Stage Again at Viña

Honduran signer and songwriter Paul Hughes, better known as Polache, took to the stage once again at Viña del Mar representing Honduras in the folk son category. He performed the song Hablo Español, which satirically portrays the colloquial way Hondurans speak.

Polache obtained a score of 4.7 out of 7.0 points possible. Many Hondurans were not happy with Polache’s first performance last Sunday. Social media will undoubtedly reflect Honduran  sentiment of approval or disapproval.  We congratulate Polache for his bravery on taking the famous Viña del Mar stage.


Honduran Congress Says No to Restitution of Zelaya

On Tuesday December 2, 2009, Honduran Congress, in a historic session open to national and international news media, are voting one by one, giving their name and their vote regarding the restitution of ex honduran president Manuel “Mel” Zelaya.

The mayority of congressmen are voting against the restitution of Mel Zelaya. Many have given their opinion and reasons as to why they voted the way they did. Their decisions were based on the recomendations of the Supreme Court, Attorney General and Human Rights Commisioner.

More updates to come when the session is adjourned.

The vote is currently 11 in favor and 91 against the restitution of mel Zelaya out of a total of 128.


Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo Elected President of Honduras

The honduran elections held on the last sunday of November as specified in the electoral law, came and went in civic order. Hondurans visted their poll stations in droves and voted for their new public officials. Voter turnout is estimated at over 70%. When Manuel Zelaya was elected president, only 54% of registered voters participated.

The United States hailed the elections and congratulated the Honduran by the orderly and transparent way the elections were handled.

Pepe Lobo (National party) is currently leading with 55% of the vote against 36% of Elvin Santos (Liberal party).

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) will be giving updates on the other levels of governement for which elections were also held. (Mayors and Congressmen)

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Shannon US Dept of State: Decision on Zelaya’s Reinstatement Must be Respected

Thomas A. Shannon Jr., Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, stated yesterday, that the agreement signed in Honduras by both parties representing Manuel Zelaya Rosales and Roberto Micheletti states that the decision made by Congress must be respected by both sides.

Shannon reiterated that the United States and the International community will also respect the decision made by the Honduran Congress, whether it be positive or negative regarding reinstating Manuel Zelaya Rosales as president of Honduras.

He made it clear that the they (US and international community) recognize the Honduran Congress will make a decision on when and if Zelaya should return to power. It is a political matter that has to be resolved politically and Congress is the appointed branch of government to make that decision. Both sides have committed themselves to respect the results of that decision and emphasized that there are two options, yes or no on Zelayas return, and not one as Zelaya followers have tried to force on the media.

The Honduran Congress is currently on recess and efforts are being made to meet and review the Guaymura accord.


Honduras’ 8 Point Accord, Zelaya in Hands of Congress

Honduras’ 8 Point Accord, Zelaya in Hands of Congress

The accord ex president Zelaya’s and president Micheletti’s sides will sign tonight, contemplates Zelaya’s restitution will be considered by the Honduran Congress after consultation with the Honduran Supreme Court.

The agreement is comprised of 8 points which are:
1. Creation of a unity and reconciliation government.
2. No political amnesty for either side even though Micheletti offered it to Zelaya.
3. Recognition of the elections to be held on November 29, 2009.
4. Transfer of authority over the Honduran Armed Forces to the Electoral Supreme Tribunal.
5. Creation of a verification commission to uphold all points of this accord.
6. Creation of a Commission of Truth that will investigate the events before, during and after June 28th when Zelaya was removed from office.
7. Ask the international community to remove all sanctions against Honduras and send international observers to the November elections.
8. Regarding the possible restitution of Mr. Zelaya, let the Honduran National Congressn decide, after receiving the Supreme Court’s opinion, to return the executive branch to its status before June 28, 2009.

If both sides sign the agreement tonight, it will have to be followed thoroughly and the results accepted without hesitation by both parties.


Political Crisis in Honduras Comes to An End, Deal Reached

A deal was reached between the sides representing President Roberto Micheletti and ex President Manuel Zelaya Rosales. After 4 months of the presidential succession in Honduras, which has been denounced around the world as a military coup in which Manuel Zelaya was removed from office and later expelled to Costa Rica, a deal has been reached.

Negotiations between both sides had come to a stale mate and were not moving forward after last week, the side representing Manuel Zelaya stepped off the negotiation table.

On Thursday, October 29, a high level commission send by the United States, integrated by assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, Thomas A. Shannon Jr., Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Craig Kelly and Dan Restrepo.

This commission met with both sides and coaxed them back to the negotiation table. By noon on Thursday Shannon announced a deal was ready and only needed to be signed by both sides and that time was running out if Honduras wanted to hold elections. By 10:30 pm an announcement was made that both sides had agreed to sign.

The agreement includes plans to conform a unity government with members from both sides of the issue, recognition of elections in Honduras, restoring aid that had been cut off since the presidential succession and sending to Congress a request by Zelaya to be re instated as President of Honduras.

Negotiators will meet again today to work out a time-frame in which all points of the accord have to be met.

Zelaya’s restitution lies now in the hands of the Honduran Congress. The agreement states that both sides will adhere to the result of that vote.