The government of Honduras is formed by three branches. The executive (president), legislative (congress) and judicial (supreme court), this insures checks and balances. The president and congressmen are elected by the people in national elections held every four years. The president cannot be re elected. Most important sector of government are administered by what are called ministries.

Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica(ENEE) - National electric company of Honduras.

Fondo Hondureño de Inversion Social - Honduran Fund for Social Investment.

Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores - Exterior relations ministry.

Secretaria de Educación - Education ministry.

Secretaria de Cultura y Artes y Deportes - Art, culture and sports ministry.

Secretaria de Recursos Naturales y Ambiente - Natural Resources and Ambient managment Ministry.

Secretaria de Finanzas - Ministry of Finance home page. Manage the country's finances and fiscal policy.

Honduras National Congress - The place where laws are discussed and approved. One of the three branches of government. (Legislative)

Presidential House - Official website for the current government.

Gobierno de Honduras - Central Website of the government of Honduras. You will find general information about the government of Honduras and links to other government ministries.

Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (INE) - Center that keeps census and other statistics relative to Honduras.

Comision Nacional de Telecomunicaciones de Honduras (CONATEL) - Regulates telecommunications ons Honduras which include satellite, radio, tv, cellular, paginsg, microwave and cable services.

Hondutel - Honduran telecommunications company.


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